The Bad Girl

It was almost a year ago when I decided to read books and novels in English. I had bought a brand-new Amazon Kindle E-book Reader, and I was excited about that. I filled my device with many books from various, well-known writers those who I had read from them before and others who I had been suggested to read their works. As English was my second language, the very first book I chose to read seemed tough to follow due to a lot of new vocabularies and phrases I did not know. For this reason, I had to long-press on every vocabulary which I did not have any definite idea about their meanings, to look them up on the built-in Longman English to English dictionary I had installed on my kindle. Therefore, very soon after starting to read an English novel, I found it difficult and time-consuming. But, I carried on because I have always been an avid reader. Currently, when I look back the year passed and the titles I finished during this time period, there were some books which I left them unfinished for I found them boring and worthless. However, amid those books, there were masterpieces which I am sure I will never forget its storylines, characters and my experience.

The Bad Girl by Mario Vargas Llosa was undoubtedly one of the best books I have read since the last year. The Bad Girl was the first novel I read from this gifted author, but it was enough to convince me reading more from Mario Vargas Llosa. The book is a love story about two Peruvians, Ricardo and the bad girl.

What has to happen, will happen. In its own time. If we try to force it, we’ll make everything worse. I’ve always known it would happen, that it will happen. Let’s change the subject, Ricardo. What’s this about the bad girl? who is she? tell me about her.

The Bad Girl

The story happens in Paris. Ricardo is a translator and works for the UN. He has a moderate income and more importantly loves a woman who believes money and status are the most significant things in life. So, because of that, she decides to marry others but not Ricardo. She perfectly knows about Ricardo’s love. She is an adventurous woman who does anything to achieve her objectives.

As an Iranian, I found the lines below from this book very interesting:

Tomorrow she was going to a tea given by friends for Farah Diba, the wife of the Shah of Iran, who was on a private visit to Paris.

I knew nothing about Peru before starting to read the novel, but I understood well what was Ricardo thought, told, and felt about issues, chaos, and political crisis related to his country. In general, I liked the book very much and I currently reading the Conversation in the Cathedral, another masterpiece by the Nobel prize winner writer, Mario Vargas Llosa.